Biology! (Woohoo!)

What is biology?

According to wikipedia:
- a branch of the natural sciences which studies living organisms and how they interact with each other and their environment. It examines the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living things. Also, it classifies and describes organisms, their functions, and how species come into existence. Four unifying principles form the foundation of modern biology: cell theory, evolution, genetics and homeostasis.

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A music video someone made about the cell cycle. Goes through all the phases and shows what happens
when one cell becomes two (mitosis). Thought it was interesting.

(2008). Mitosis/Cell Cycle Music Video. Retrieved September 18, 2008, from YouTube Web site:


So one of my favourite types animals are whales! Thought it would be cool to show you some pictures and talk a little bit about my favourite type, Orca(killer)whales.

An Orca breaching
An Orca breaching

Scientific name : Orcinus orca

(2008). National Geographic. Retrieved October 16, 2008, from Killer Whale (Orca) Web site:

As most of you know, I am not really a huge fan of my glasses :) Thought this video about why some peoples' eyes are the way they are was interesting.

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery. Retrieved December 15, 2008, from YouTube Web site:
Poison dart frogs are exactly what their name suggests. They are extremely toxic! Their bright colours are to warn predators, or perhaps to lure them. It's a mystery.


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Here is a cool site all about eczema. This was interesting to me because I have had eczema for my whole life. The site talks about what it is and how it can be treated.

Retrieved January 4, 2009, from The Eczema Society of Canada Web site:

This is a short video about asthma. There is a doctor who gives the basics so everbody can understand a little bit about it.

Asthma. Retrieved January 4, 2009, from YouTube Web site:

A poem about
E.Coli//. It seems a little complicated but it's pretty clever. :)

Two cells of E. coli were wandering slowly
Down the gastrointestinal tract.
An F+ was he, an F- was she,
And their membranes were bound to attract.

Now the dainty F- was born in a sinus
Where her members did seldom trespass,
But the brawnt F+ was spawned in some pus,
And produced both acid and gas.

A kiss he had stolen, down deep in the colon;
"Don't touch me", she said, "or I'll scream!
I have no protection, and an F+ infection
Would spoil my maidenly dream."

So the poor lonely fella withdrew his flagella
And worshipped her from afar;
"At least", he said, "wait, till I can mutate
And come back an HFR."
Reynolds, John F. Biology Poetry. Retrieved January 4, 2009, from Science Jokes Web site:

I found a pretty cool video about red fire ants on youtube. It was interesting because I once saw a CSI episode when these ants were involved. They are pretty amazing creatures. It wouldn't let me embed it, but here is the link.

(2007). Ants create a lifeboat in the Amazon jungle - BBC wildlife. Retrieved January 4, 2009, from YouTube Web site:

This is a cute little joke about ATP. Thought it would be funny since we had so much fun studying cellular respiration. :)

"A bloke walks into a pub, and asks for a pint of Adenosinetriphosphate.
The barman says "That'll be 80p (ATP) please!"

(note 100p = £1, and ATP is short for Adenosinetriphosphate, but you
already knew that :))

Dalrymple, Sarah Biology Puns. Retrieved January 4, 2009, from Science Jokes Web site: