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I apologize for the lameness of visual stimulation but I seem to lack in technologic intelligence to accomplish it..

So first off I found a list of most of the different
branches of biologyand a little descriptors, kinda thought it was interesting!
external image banner_biology.gif
Bartzat, Alegra Branches of Biology. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from BellaOnline Web site:

While browsing the web trying to find cool bio things to put on my boring wiki I came across this site with wait for it, wait for it...GAMES! yes you read right, an interactive site about biology! Check it out!More puzzles and games:)
external image plant_cell.jpg
Cell Games. Retrieved December 11, 2008, Web site: http://www.gamequarium.com/cells.html

I know this topic is a little late but I figure it still applies to our almost every day lives anyways; HALLOWEEN CANDY!
external image Foil_Wrapped_Hard_Fruit_Candy.jpg
(October 31st 2007). Candy. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from WhatYouOughtToKnow Web site: http://www.whatyououghttoknow.com/show/2007/10/31/candy/

Have a cell phone by any chance?? Things you may want to know..
external image cellphone.gif
(November 4th 2008). Cell phone cancer. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from WhatYouOughtToKnow Web site: http://www.whatyououghttoknow.com/show/2008/11/04/cell-phone-cancer/

Oh man here comes the flu season. Vaccination?
external image Vaccination%2520illustration.jpg
November 1th 2007). Flu shots. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from WhatYouOughtToKnow Web site: http://www.whatyououghttoknow.com/show/2007/11/01/flu-shots/

SteriPen. What is this you ask? A magical wand that sterilizes water!
external image bp_1bacteria.jpg
(June 13th 2008). SteriPen. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from WhatYouOughtToKnow Web site: http://www.whatyououghttoknow.com/show/2008/06/13/steripen/

Yet another show from that cool guy; about bioluminescence. ( you know that creepy fish that almost eats nemo? yea hes bioluminescent.)
external image glow.jpg
(September 16th 2008). Bioluminescence. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from WhatYouOughtToKnow Web site: http://www.whatyououghttoknow.com/show/2008/09/16/bioluminescence/

Atome smasher. Self explanatory, no need for intro.
external image atom.jpg
(September 10th 2008). Atom Smasher. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from WhatYouOughtToKnow Web site: http://www.whatyououghttoknow.com/show/2008/09/10/atom-smasher/

Considering we have an exciting dissection approaching, i decided to include a little info about our chrondricthyes friends:)
external image fish00_21.JPG
Spiny Dogfish. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from Sharks Web site: http://new-brunswick.net/new-brunswick/sharks/species/spinydogfish.html

I am mildly obssessed with my photosynthectic friends and as most of you may know, my ghost plant has sprouted! So here is some information about this 'succulent' plant.yes its actualy classified as a succulent.
external image Casper-Friendly-Ghost-3.jpg
Krochmal, Connie Ghost Plant. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from Cacti and Succulents Web site: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art34430.asp

One of my other interests is horses. So i looked up the evolution of the breed, pretty cool considering how small they started out to be!
external image horse-evolution-species.jpg
Hyracotherium. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from Naturals History Notebooks Web site: http://nature.ca/notebooks/english/dahorse.htm

As Christmas aproaches with leaps and bounds, I thought it would be suitable to include an article about real christmas trees. This article touches on how christmas tree harvesting works, what happens to them after they leave our living rooms and a lot more! Check er outt!
external image christmas-tree.gif

The environmental choice Real christmas tress. Retrieved December 13, 2008, from Real tree facts Web site: http://www.christmastrees.on.ca/consumers/real-tree-facts.html

I found this list of cool fish-facts to go with what we recently learned in class. It's cool.
external image goldfish-info0.gif

Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, peteducation.com. Retrieved December 13, 2008, from interesting fish facts Web site: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=16+2160&aid=586

So I was cleaning my basement today and surprise surprise I found a Wolf Spider hidding beneath a box! Yes a Wolf Spider! I don't really mind spiders (thankfully) but they are not to be handled by the weak! Theyre HUGE! here's a video just to show you how big they are and an article with a little info about them..
external image wolf_spider.jpg
Cornish, Jim (June, 2002). elementary theme pages. Retrieved December 14, 2008, from wolf spiders Web site: http://www.cdli.ca/CITE/spiderswolf.htm
youtube. Retrieved December 14, 2008, from wolf spider Web site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zbcaoAm9Bc

If you're an innocent victim of "Biology 111 Ruling Your Life" please contact 1-800-BIO-LOGY. There they will comfort and help you cope through the hard times. Please call before it's too late!