just few vedio clips to start!

1. Dissecting

This vedio clip shows how to dissect a frog's heart.
(2007,September 25). Heart dissection from Digital Frog virtual frog dissection

2.Human body

This is just 3 minutes animation that shows human body. It's pretty cool!

(2006, December 30). 3D Animation of the Human Body

3.Sea creatures

This is the coolest thing i've ever seen!
It just shows creatures that lives(or lived i guess..) in the deep parts of the sea.
love the background music:)


This is a Picture of a Clione. Also called a Sea Angel.They are mostly very small, with the largest species 5cm.
They speed up using their wings, and they are previously known as one group of small sea slugs.
When they are in normal shape, they look like an angel.(I guess that's why their name "sea angel"), but when they eat,
they look like a devil........
As you can see..

This is when Clione is in a normal shape.It's really pretty..
48838257_1205308200.jpg %C5%AC%B8%AE%BF%C0%B3%D7_1-nhinnabi.jpg

But when clione is eating something..It turns like this....
This picture isn't really the best picture of Clione eating but it still shows how it changes its shape!
It is supposed to be look like a devil but it looks like a flower...

There is a short vedio of Clione..
It looks like it is flying.


Did you know??

1.That a gold fish(like most marine fish) can survive in a tank full of human blood?
2.That in seahorses, it's the male who gives birth to the young?
3. That an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?
4.That the human heart has enough pressure to squirt blood up to 30 feet away?
5.That the rats can swim for half a mile (0.8 km) without rest, and can tread water for three straight days?
6.That the electric eel of South America (Electrophorus electricus) can generate over 600 volts, and can paralyze even a horse?
7.That the world's smallest frog - The Little Grass Frog - is no bigger than a house fly?
8.That the armadillos spend about 80% of their lives asleep?
9. That the whales were once land mammals that moved to the sea and adapted to marine life?
10.That the tongue of a blue whale is bigger than a taxi cab, and can weigh as much as an elephant?

This vedio is a short vedio clip about flying penguins. I thought it was really cool because penguins usually can't fly.
It looks pretty hard to fly with their fat bodies.

Introducing Tarsier!
This is a Philippines monkey, that the average height is between 90 and 160mm.(aren't they sooo small??)
There's a vedio showing Tarsier eating something(i guess its an insect..).
If you want to know more about this little monkey, go to
It kinda explains Tarsier in a easy way.

(2007, February 27).Tarsier