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Everyone knows him, he's the single greatest athlete inolympic history, he's Michael Phelps, olympic swimmer.michael_phelps_edit.jpg
There has been debate that MIcheal Phelps' body isspecialized for swimming, but the true amazment is the fact
that he can eat over 12,000 calories a day just to maintain his weight! That's more then triple the calories that an average human intakes! Here's a link to what exactly he eats
to be able to swim so fast!,2933,403803,00.html
Here is a video taken from Good Morning America on his Diet:

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Now that you've seen what he has eaten (which is a TON), do you know what you're intaking?
We always see those Nutrition Facts on the back of cereal boxes, granola bars, beverages...
Ok, so they're EVERYWHERE, but one place where we don't always see them are on fruits,
so here's a little site that will help you see exactly what you are intaking in nature's fruit.

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HOME - Go To The Mainpage
Fruit Pages, Retrieved January 14,2009, from


Retrived:November, 25, 2008

Here is a wonderful picture of the bottom of the ocean, the home of millions of different and siverse critters! Throuhgout this semester,I will be posting different themes, articles, and fun stuff!

The main theme of my wiki this time around is the Amazon Rainforest in South America. It crosses through counrties like Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Venezuala, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana. Wet tropical rainforest, such as the Amazon, are the most speicie-rich biome, one in ten known species of the world is found in the Amazon Rainforest!!

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Here is a map of South America showing where the tropical This little buddy is one of MILLIONS of critters found in the forest. an Temporal Rainforests are. Raintree Nutrition (1996). Rainforest Facts. Retrieved November 10, 2008, from Rainforest Web site:


Here is a basic site outlining the Amazon Rainforest, it's knida neat and interesting
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This site has little games and adventures of the Amazon Rainforest
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Here is a cool game on Animal Groups and Names! It's a hoot
About Animal Groups Name. Retrieved November 5, 2008, from About.Com Web site:

yeah, i know, this could have been usuful if i would have found it earlier and not the day after the test, but here is a FANTASTIC jeopardy game on everything that has to do with BACTERIA:) it's harder then it seems!,8,Slide 8
Jeopardy. Retireved November 5, 2008, from Biology Fun Web Site,8,Slide


Amazon Rainforest in One Minute!
here is a quick very basic video on the Amazon Rainforest!

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Web site:

The Power Of The Subconsious Mind!
Our brain is capable of NUMEROUS things, from storring information, and genetic codes, but did you know that our brains currently know more then we give them credit for? For example, what were you wearing on your second birthday? You probably couldn't tell me, or you may not remember, but actually, that information is found in your brain, deep into your subconcious mind. Our subconcious mind stores 95% of all information given to us! So if you really think about it, you see what humans are capable of with only 5%,, could you ever imagine what the world would be like! So many things have yet to be discovered, and I wonder maybe if this has something to do with unlocking the subconcious mind! Let's take a journey into the literally, Unknown!

Today in Class we were discussing cuttlefish, and I, being a bit of a fishy person, was just fascinated! They are really cool, how they can change color and even texture for protection is just nifty! Here's an interesting video about a Cuttlefish actually attacking a Scuba Diver in Australia!

(October 16th, 2006)
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