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Cell Rap!

As you all probably know, I love raps, especially science related ones! This educational rap explains the different organelles! If I do say so myself, this video is off the chain, so check it out! :)

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Three Headed Frog... Say Whaaat?

3 Headed Frog
3 Headed Frog

"The Three Headed Frog. For the French, a meal in itself"

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Not going to lie, I personally thought that a three headed frog was pretty trippy, but there's more to the story than meets the eye! Is there truly a three headed frog? Or possibly just three frogs attached? From another website I visited, I found out that three headed pets were now in demand; odd, I know! Anyway, the provided link explains all about the little fellow(s?), and you should definitely check it out!

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Insects, Pretty Harmless, Right...?

Hymenopteran Insect

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The University of Florida conducted a research project to compile a sort of "Guinness Book of World Records" for insects. It includes chapters on things such as the fastest, smallest, or longest critter. However, what really sparked my interest was the insect that had that most toxic venom, hymenopteran insects (picture above).

Greatest bioluminescence: coleoptera

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Largest adult:Titanus giganteus

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Loudest: Brevisana brevis

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This site was super cool, and even if you aren't a fan of insects, like myself, it has really interesting facts and is definitely worth your time! Although, those that are grossed out by bugs I would advise that you don't visit it! Have fun "bugging" yourself out. :P

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What Souvenirs Are You Bringing Home?

After a relaxing trip to Costa Rica, an English woman's head begins to swell. After six weeks, the swelling becomes significantly large so she visits the hospital for tropical diseases in London. There she finds out what a little bug repellent can prevent! If you only look at one thing on my wikispace, it must be this!! (Do not look below video, for it spoils it!)

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After watching this video it really opened my eyes to the precautions we must take when visiting foreign places. It's amazing that the egg hatched and grew inside of her head, an excellent example of a host and a parasite! Between 0:45 and 0:55 you can actually see the maggot inside her head, poking up a little bit every couple of seconds. I honestly don't understand how she continued to live her life and not go psycho, for I most certainly would have. Tell me what you think!!

Don't Like What You See in the Mirror? Just Be Thankful You Have a Face!

Tests revealed that Mark's sinuses had been infected with fungus mucor, which in simple terms is really bread mold, a condition that almost always kills. This is classified as worse than the flesh-eating disease; your worst living nightmare. Watch the movie to find out what happens!

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Chopped Off a Finger? No Biggie!

After chopping off a part of his finger, a man was able to regrow it! New developments have made regeneration for humans possible. Scientists are even growing body organs and tissues in labs! Watch the video to learn more!

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You OH SO FIIIINE. Dayum Boy.

"Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see!" Have you ever been approached with such a form of flattery? Are girls or boys always flocking to you? Is your name perhaps Edward Cullen (Twilight)? When you're attracted to someone, something deep inside you happens that you can't explain... that's why we have scientists, so they can! If you are in a relationship, or even get butterflies when you see a certain someone in the halls, what is that makes you attracted to them? Is it their looks, their charm, or their wit? Watch this video to find out what exactly sparks an interest in you for your current companion.

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This site describes how love affects us; it's very much like a drug! It also elaborates on the cause for our feelings, explaining the chemical and emotional aspect of love. Next time you are in desperate need of a reason to break up with someone you can just say that your NHC's don't match up! :P

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Great White Shark, Oh My!

Since we're dissecting our sharks this coming friday, I thought it would be cool to get some baskground information
on a few of them. These videos are really cool, so make sure to check them out!!

A great white leaps out of the water for his favorite prey, seals. Also, this video discusses whether
or not whales like humans as meal, or merely find them interesting.

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Hammerhead Shark!!

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Asexual Reproduction!

So, I was looking up videos about asexual reproduction, and this came up. I thought it was rather humorous and that you'd enjoy it, so check it ouuuut!

Truck, G. (2008, February 22). Amoeba love. Retrieved December 8, 2008, from Youtube Web site:

What Pain Can Your Body Withstand?

It's amazing the wear and tear our bodies endure from daily activities, but how far can you really push it? In this video, unusal performers risk their lives with acts that will blow you away!
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Does Biology Rule Your Life?!

(Kathleen O'Donnell, once a happy 16 year old with all the time in the world, is now victim to this rare, but serious depression. Here she was caught doing homework at a volleyball tournament in between games... poor soul.)

If you're an innocent victim of "Biology 111 Ruling Your Life" please contact 1-800-BIO-LOGY. There they will comfort and help you cope through the hard times. Please call before it's too late!