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THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS(bumpy brains style)

So.. I was searching the internet for christmas songs about biology and this is the only one i could find it's pretty cool if you're into the brain.

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If you are interested in reading lyrics to other science carols or songs, chemestry, physics ect. check out this site:

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Okay so since Holyoke Walsh loves the human anatomy i decided to put a song on here called the bone dance. It is performed by Miley Cyrus and it's kind of catchy


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Everybody knows the bones, just had to find a way
Everybody knows what I'm talkin' 'bout, that's how I'll get an A

My body's many parts, and this is where it starts
Phalangies I have ten, And metatarsals then
I got some tarsals too, I'll put 'em in my shoe
(She's tellin' the truth)
The fibula is next, according to my text
Then comes the tibia, that ain't no fibia
And now I'm up to my knee, yeah yeah yeah
That's the patella to me

Chorus: We're doing the bone dance,
you study the answers again and again til I get it right
We're doing the bone dance,
You dance and you learn it, and we won't mess up this test
We'll get it perfect.

Clavical rib
we call this the humerous,
and thats no fib

And now I take it home, with the cranial bone
It might be crazy, but we learn that way
Temporal and frontal too and now we're finally through
That makes two hundred and six, I've found a way that clicks
Bone thugs in da house
(Repeat Chorus)

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For more information on the human anatomy and other bones in our body visit:

The PCR Song

PCR stands for 'Polymerase Chain Reaction' which biochemists use to copy DNA molecules.This video is a song that talks about the history of this technology.

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PCR info and research:

So... I found this video on youtube and it talks about a little boy who is the face of many children battling type 1 diabetes. the video was made for the JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International,"WALK TO CURE DIABETES!"

Blake's battle JDRF Type 1 Diabetes
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" Type 1 diabetes occurs when certain specialized parts of the pancreas,are destroyed and no longer produce insulin", which is very imortant because insulin helps the body to "capture energy from the food we eat". It usualy develops in childhood and adolescence "hence Juvenile diabetes". The causes for type 1 diabetes are unknown. The symptoms for type 1 diabetes are:
-frequent urination in large amounts,
-excessive thirst,
-unusual weight loss,
-fatigue, -irritability,
-nausea and vomiting, and
-a particular odour to the breath (acetone or sweet).


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International is one of the "leading charitable funder for type 1 diabetes research worlwide!" Their mission is to find a cure. It has awarded more then 1.16 billion dollars to diabetes research. For more information and to make a difference for people with type 1 diabetes visit
type 1 diabetes Juvenile Diabetes Reseach Foundation International