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This is an awesome song about biology that I found in my travels!! Enjoy

The Biology Song. Retreived January 1, 2009. From the site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90RNteX6HzY

Well, today is Boxing Day, and I can't believe I'm doing a post right now. Shouldn't I have better things to do? Anyway, I was just thinking about hockey..which is not unusual for me..and then I got thinking about last season, when Richard Zednik got a skate to the neck! Which just happened to hit an artery! That must have been great for him eh? Anyway, here is a picture of arteries in the body, and if you follow the youtube link, you can watch the video of how it happened!
Arteries Of The Body (diagram)
Arteries Of The Body (diagram)
Skate To The Neck!

Arteries of the body (diagram) Retrieved December 26, 2008. From Patient UK website: http://www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/21692485/

Wow! We're branching out on the color tree here!! And by "we", I mean..."me". Anyway! Lets get down the nitty gritty! (Probably the only one who will get that is Mrs Holyoke Walsh)

So! As a lot of you know..I went to the Domminican not too long ago! It was a blash, by the way. But probably my favorite part, was when I was working on my biology homework. It was a close call betwee that and..everything else..but I would have to say biology won. (..not really, but shhh!)

Along with going to the Domminican, come wonderful Malaria pills. I'm sure everyone remembers ALL about malaria! Well apparently you have a way better chance of getting it there, than here. Not saying it's just in the Dominican, beucase it's tons of other places too! :P The point is...I had to take malaria pills. They taste horrible! I ha to take them with dill pickle juice beucase they were so terrible! It was the only thing that KINDOF took away the taste during the second it was in my mouth! Thankfully, with the kind I took, I only had to take when once a week for about 7 million weeks. Well, more like..5 weeks I guess. But it seemed like a long time! But conisering that malaria kills 3 million people a year (in 2003 anyway), then I thought it was a good idea to take them.

There are various kinds of malaria pills, and I read an article about this guy that took them (a different kind that me, called "Lariam"). He was going through some places where malaria is fairly common, and was taking the pills once a week. After about 2 weeks, he started feeling overwhelmingly sad, and even suicidal. He said that there was no reason for him to feel this way, beucase their trip was going great!! There have been about 50 cases wehre this drug has caused serious side effects, like this one. After about a month once he stopped taking the pills, he started to feel better.

Even though it wasn't likely that I'd get all suicidal if I DID take that kind...I'm glad I didn't. Hopefully you can understand why! :P


(2003). CBC News. Retrieved December 13, 2008. From CBC website: http://www.cbc.ca/news/story/2003/01/28/malaria_030128.html#skip300x250


Okay, so here is another stellar post from FRIGGIN MCGUIGAN! haha, woot! You'll never guess, but yes, I somehow related biology to RUBIK'S CUBES!! See, when you do a Rubik's Cube....you use muscles in your hands! In this guy's case...he used his HAND. There is no handS about it! I've posted the links to a couple sites, one is a video about Rubik's Cubes, and the other one is about muscles in your hands! I haven't figured out how to post a video on this actual page...but I will learn soon! Enjoy!

**Rubik's Cube Video**
**Hand Muscles**


Here we are once again, on Lori's wiki. WOOT! I found this cool site while I was looking up info on cells for our homework! Awesome Cell Site!


So..I got a needle tonight. It was terrible. I hate needles, but I guess not to the point where I faint or they have to strap me down or something of the sort. The needle I got was Hepatitis A. I'm going to try to post a site about it, but I'm not sure if I've got that down pat yet! Hopefully it will work! Oh and just incase you're wondering, the person giving the needle is my sister..and YES, she IS a nurse! haha, I just couldn't pass up a chance like this for a wonderful biology post!!



You can apply science to anything!!! Even Hockey!!

so....I'm just trying this to make sure it works haha


I know this has nothing to do with biology, but soon it will :P