Biology - characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms

Here's the deal, I was doing the Pre-lab questions for tomorrow, and I was reading about ants. They somehow made me think of The Magic School Bus and the show about ants. It's actually really cool! Even if it's very simple!!

Watch Magic School Bus - 12 - Gets Ants In The Pants in Entertainment Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

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The other day I was watching tv, and this show came on. It was called The Real Superhumans. In the next two videos you will see a man known as the Human Calculator. He can do math very quickly!! Check it out!

Unknown, November 26, 2008 (2007, December 6). Extraordinary people - The human calculator - Pt1 of 2. from Youtube Web site:
Unknown, November 26, 2008 (2007, December 6). Extraordinary people - The human calculator Pt2 of 2. from Youtube Web site:

In the next video you will see a man who is able to produce his own heat!! I wish I could do this!! You will also watch him run half a marathon on snow in bare feet and shorts.

Unknown, November 26, 2008 (2007, December 6). Extraordinary people - Iceman. from Youtube Web site:

In the next video, you will see a man who is a blind painter. Many people say he draws better than sighted people.

Unknown, November 26, 2008 (2007, December 8). Extraordinary people, The artist with no eyes, Esref Armagan. from Youtube Web site:

This video is about a woman who has synesthesia. She can see colors from sound!!

Unknown, November 26, 2008 (2007, December 6). Extraordinary people - Synaesthetes. from Youtube Web site:

I love this website, it shows the part of plants and you can click on everything! I found it rather amusing!!

I found a neat video about giant pumpkins! I never knew they could get this big!

You have to check this video out! It's about camel's and how they impress a mate!

This video is about giraffes and how they mate! It also show a female giraffe having a baby.

Unknown, (2008, June 13). Youtube. Retrieved November 3, 2008, from Birth of Giraffe Web site:

These videos are really cool. They show things that I have never seen before. Hope you guys enjoy them. These videos could be disturbing to some.

This video shows a man being suspended by 4 hooks, hooked into his skin. It really shows how strong the skin in.

This video shows a woman drinking blood. She sticks a needle into this person and then she sucks blood out of him.

This video show a lot of BLOOD!! This is because for boys to become men, their skin is cut to resemble crocodile skin.

This video show a person branding his skin. So, he's giving his skin 3rd degree burns. He is modifying his body. If you don't take proper care of your burn, it could very easily get infected.

All of the videos show things which are harmful to you. You could get an infection, or lose to much blood. I personally don't recommend doing any of them, but that's just m

Unknown, (2001-2007). National Geographic. Retrieved October 25, 2008, from Taboo Web site:

Bee Stings

Bee venom therapy is done by ENCOURAGING the bee to sting you. When the bee stings you, it loses it's stinger which sticks to your skin. Unfortunately the bee dies in this process. The majority of the people suffer pain, itching, swelling and redness, when stung.

Bee venom has about 40 ingredients, some that scientists haven't yet identified. Some of the ingredients seem to do wonderful things to people, like increase blood circulation and reduce swelling. People with multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, rheumatism, back pain and skin diseases find that the bee venom relieves symptoms. It can even help heal scar tissues.

People go see licensed practitioners, who keep the bees and helps give the sting. The patients get up to 10 stings 2 or 3 times a week.

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Corsets were meant to make the waists tinier. Corsets pulled the waist in and they constructed everything from the collar bone to the hipbone. The women of ancient Greece and Rome wore a 3 part corset made of linen wrappings. They were later on made of whale bones, wood or metal. In the 13th and 14th centuries, fashion emphasized the trim silhouette. Skirts grew heavier and wider in the 16th century, where a woman's small waist meant wealth and rank. In the Europe and America, in the 19th century, corsets were very popular. The perfect waist measured 18-19 inches in circumference.

Girls started wearing corsets around the age of 14. After years of pulling the corsets tighter, they dislocated internal organs- constricting the lungs and heart, putting pressure on the liver, pushing the stomach up, squeezing the sall intestines and compressing the bladder. Everything shifted either up or down, leaving the waist empty. Women who wore corsets could not sit down straight, fainted easily, had heart ailment and digestion problems, and they could die in childbirth.

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Neck Stretching and Neck Rings
A neck ring is a band of metal which is worn around the neck of an individual as an ornament. In a few African and Asian cultures, multiple neck rings are worn, usually to stretch the neck. The Kayan people from the country of Myanmar and Thailand begin wearing neck rings when they are children. They can be as young as 5 years old when they are receive their first neck ring. As they grow, rings are added. A woman could wear up to 20 pounds of rings on her neck. With age, the number of "brass coils' worn gradually increases to elongate the neck. The girls of the Ndebele people of South Africa wear neck rings to signify their marriages. A fully stretched neck could measure between 10-15" long.
external image Karen_Padaung_Girl_Portrait.jpg

The custom of wearing neck rings s related to an ideal of beauty: an elongated neck. Neck rings push the collarbone and ribs down and stretch the neck muscles several inches. The stretching of the muscles takes several years . The neck stretching is mostly illusory, since the weight of the rings twist the collar bone and eve
ntually the upper ribs to create the illusion of an elongated neck. The vertebrae do not elongate. In advanced stages, the forces can cause trauma, such as occlusion of venous flow or hematoma (internal bleeding).

People who have been wearing the neck rings for many years may suffer difficulties with the neck muscles and pain from the weight of the rings. The area beneath neck rings may become infected if it is left unwashed. To have the neck rings removed, individuals can go to a hospital and have them taken off. Afterward, the patient must wait several months for their neck muscles to recover. In some cases, the muscles have become so weak that she can choke to death on her own tongue if support is not provided. The deformation of the bone structure recovers only minimally after ring removal.

Families passed the tradition down. A long neck was a way to attract good husbands. Today, women sometimes wear rings to attract tourists and make money.

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external image Neck_ring
Chinese Foot Binding:
Chinese foot binding was very common women. The girls got there feet bound when they were quite young. They could get them bound as early as the age of 3. In the process of foot binding, you bind the feet tightly with cloth strips, so your feet can not grow any larger. All of your toes are broken, but your big toe.
. external image UncomfortableShoes6.jpg

The process was continued for at least 10 or more years, to make sure the feet didn't grow any more. The binds kept the feet from growing longer then 10 cm. In the entire process, there were a lot of bad thing that could happen to you. First of all, you could get an infection. There were many ways a girl could get an infection. One way was that the ball of the foot would fold directly into the heel. Another way was that the toenails continued to grow, and it eventually curled into the skin, which led to flesh rotting off and sometimes it was even a toe. The worst part of the process was that the feet would practically die after 3 years. Since they were dead, they caused a terrible smell, which the girl carried around with her everywhere. Since diseases follow infections, death could even result from foot binding.

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Cell Phones:

Have you ever thought of there being a downside to cell phones?

A review of 18 studies of cell phones and brain tumors, published in Occupational Environmental Medicine in 2007 by Hardell and his colleagues, concluded that studies of individuals using cell phones for more than 10 years "give a consistent pattern of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma" with the risk being highest for a tumor on the same side of the head that the phone is used. Gliomas are the most common cancerous brain tumor and acoustic neuromas are benign tumors of the acoustic nerve. The studies were conducted in the United States, Sweden, Finland, the U.K., Germany, and Japan.

A review of the above studies and dozens of others was recently completed by Vini Khurana, an Australian neurosurgeon. He concluded that heavy cell phone use can result in a doubling to quadrupling of the risk of brain tumors in users.

There are no studies of adults who used cell phones extensively as children and adolescents. Now that many children use cell phones, such studies are needed to determine whether children might be more vulnerable to radiation exposure than adults. Researchers also warn that the effects will be compounded in children and teenagers as they have started using cell phones earlier than adults and will continue to use them for longer.

While studies of adults have focused on cancer, a study published in the medical journal Epidemiology in July 2008 suggests that cell phone exposure could affect children's behavior. The children in the study who were hyperactive or had emotional or behavioral problems, including trouble getting along with other kids were much more likely to have mothers who used cell phones during pregnancy. The children's problems, as reported by their mothers, were even more pronounced for children whose mothers used cell phones both during pregnancy and during their children's first seven years of life. The children of these mothers were 80% more likely to have problems than children whose mothers rarely or didn't use cell phones.

These results, based on a survey of Danish mothers, whose 13,159 children turned 7 in 2005 and 2006, are troubling but also somewhat difficult to interpret. While the levels of radiation the children experienced because of their mothers' use were likely very small, we also know from a study published in the July 7 issue of Physics in Medicine and Biology, that the brains of children under 8 absorb twice as much radiation from cell phones as do adults. On the other hand, if mothers using cell phones are paying less attention to their children, that could also contribute to children's behavioral problems. Research that provides more details of cell phone usage and other factors is needed to interpret the relationship between a mother's cell phone use and her child's behavior, but meanwhile pregnant women and mothers of young children should consider limiting their use of cell phones.

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In this video, you will hear people talking about brain tumors, and if it is related to the use of cell phones. You will also meet the parents of a child who passed from a brain tumor.

Unknown, (2006, November 26). Youtube. Retrieved October 16, 2008, from Cell phones and Brain Cancer Web site:

Dead Sea:
When you enter the website above, you will see a video showing what is currently happening to the Dead Sea.

The sea still exists, but it’s smaller, shallower and much more distant than it once was, about 160 feet from the original beach built at Ein Gedi. The Dead Sea is shrinking because nearly every source of water that feeds into this tourist destination has been cut off, diverted or polluted over the last half century.
“This is a completely man-made disaster,” says Gidon Bromberg, the Israel director of Friends of the Earth Middle East, an international environmental group. “There is nothing natural about this.”
A tram now shuttles visitors from the abandoned beach at Ein Gedi to the new beach, which sits at more than 1,300 feet below sea level. Thirty years ago this beach was submerged under water. In 10 years it likely will be dry, too, and the visitors’ ramp again will have to be extended to reach the sea.
By 2025, the sea is expected to be at 1,440 feet below sea level.

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We are using the air as a toxic dump. We are air. Whatever we do to the air we do to ourselves. - David Suzuki

If you want to see how much pollution your car makes, put a clean, white, sock around the exhaust of your car. Make sure that it is secured. Turn your car on and let it idle. After you idle for about 2-5 minutes, remove the sock from the exhaust with caution, since it will be hot. Turn the sock inside out, and you should see the pollution.

(A Thompson, public presentation, 2007)
When you enter the website above you will be able to do a quiz which calculates how many Earth's you would need to support your lifestyle. You would find out your ecological footprint. I needed about 1.5 Earths. How many do you need?

Unknown, (?). Redefining progress nature of economics. Retrieved October 16, 2008, from Ecological Footprint Quiz Web site:
This 20 minute video will inform you on consuming, and I personally thought that it was very eye opening.

Leonard, A (?). The Story of Stuff. Retrieved October 16, 2008, from The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard Web site:

As you can tell, I love my videos, so I thought I should add another one! :) This video is about a man who wanted to be turned into a lizard. It is quite cool.

Unknown, (2008, August 20). Lizard Man. Retrieved September 29, 2008, from Lizard Man Web site:

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This video is about bedbugs!!!! I love it since it shows what a bedbugs is capable of doing. It is very cool!

(2008, February 8). Bed Bugs. Retrieved September 17, 2008, Web site:

external image bed%20bug%20bites%202.jpg
This picture shows what bedbug bits look like. The skin lesion produced by the bite of a bed bug resembles those caused by many other kinds of blood feeding insects, such as mosquitoes and fleas. The offending insect, therefore, can rarely be identified by the appearance of the bites. If you ever get a bedbug bite, remember not to scratch, since you could give it a secondary infection.
(2005, March 24). Retrieved September 18, 2008, from Bed Bugs Web site:

Bedbug Hiding Places

Bedbugs burrow in small crevices in furniture, and can even hide behind paintings or inside electronic equipment. Living inside these items, they can be transferred from a moving truck and are able to travel between apartments by crawling along pipes, electrical wiring and cracks in plaster.
Bed bugs are most commonly found in the bedroom, but they can easily hide in the following places.

  • Cracks in bed frames, headboards and dresser drawers

  • Mattresses and box springs, especially underneath tags and folds

  • Beneath chairs, couch cushions and dust covers

  • Under area rugs and at the edges of carpets

  • Between curtain folds

  • Behind baseboards, paintings, posters, electrical plug plates and around window and door casings

  • In wall cracks

  • In telephones, radios and clocks

  • Moving to another sleeping location, such as a couch, won't help as bedbugs detect body heat, and often follow people where they move.
Where Else Can You Pick Up Bedbugs?
Bedbugs are becoming more common in rental apartments and homes, and are slowly on the rise in university dormitories, daycare centers, nursing homes and hospitals. Although rare, they have even been found in places such as, movie theaters and taxis.
Bedbugs can also burrow in second-hand clothing and furniture. When buying second hand products, be sure to check them thoroughly.

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This video is about an eel which lights up a Christmas tree in an aquarium in Japan.

(2004, December 14). Retrieved September 19, 2008, from Electric Eel Lights up Christmas Tree Web site:

Here is a video about cone snails. It is an animal I had never heard of, so I thought you guys might want to know a bit about it too.

(2007, October 29). Retrieved September 19, 2008, from Cone snail Web site:

The next two videos are about intestinal worms. They're sort of gross, but quite cool at the same time. The operation was in Nepal I believe.

(2008, July 16). Retrieved September 22, 2008, from Operation Intestinal Worms 1 Web site:

This is the operation continued, if you were able to get through the first one.

(2008, January 14). Retrieved September 22, 2008, from Operation Intestinal Worms 2 Web site: