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Here's a link to an article about Robotic Surgery, a super interesting procedure I didn't know existed until I read this article.Click here to read about it
Surgeons are currently using new forms of surgery. These surgeries operate through advanced forms of technology. Surgeons have discovered that robotic surgery benefits both the doctor and the patients--small incisions are made, which quicken patients' recovering process, and the tiny operating tools and camera allow the doctor to work with precision, and offer them a better view of the area they are performing surgery on. Pretty cool to read about.
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A link to this article showed up on the MSN homepage, and it's pretty interesting stuff! Might make you think twice about eating fast food... Ruiz, R What's Really In Your Fast Food?. Retrieved November 17, 2008, from msn health & fitness Web site:

Wikipedia -- Lip Plate
Lip Plates Women of the African Suri tribe are one of the few remaining tribes that continue to practice the tradition of lip stretching. Similar to the painful foot binding and neck stretching (Nicole's wiki!!), lip plates are thought to enhance a bride's value. The further their lips stretch, the more cattle the groom's family will offer the bride's family. First, two to four lower front teeth are removed, the lip is pierced, and the clay plate is inserted. As the hole heals, the women will gradually stretch their lips by increasing the size of the clay plates. Even the tribe is unsure of how and why the tradition first begun, but continue to blindly follow it. Some theorize that it was practiced to discourage outside intruders from stealing the tribe's women and selling them into slavery. Check out this AMAZING video from BBC on the subject! Click here! ... seriously.

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Butterflies Know Best!
Today BBC shared findings from Edinburgh University.They have discovered that two rival species of butterfly found in the amazon have adapted to live together to protect themselves from predators! Maybe people could learn a thing or two from the behavior of the butterfly. Read the article here!! It's pretty short, but pretty cool!

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"Teacher Toads"Scientists are trying to discourage animals from eating toads, a poisonous amphibian. They have placed dead toads, free from their most serious poisons, in the wild and coated them with a nausea-inducing chemical. Their hope is that once animals become sick after ingesting the toad, they will refrain from eating toads all together. Click here to read the article!

(2008, December 08). Sickening cane toads used to "teach" native animals. Retrieved December 8, 2008, from ABC News Web site:

Wanted a brother? Blame your dad.
A recent study suggests that a man's tendancy to father sons may be influnced by his genes. They also have theorized that men that come from families that have many male children are more likely to have sons as well. Read the article here.

(2008, Dec. 11). Boy or girl? It’s in the father’s genes, says study. Retrieved December 10, 2008, from Times Online Web site:


"Please baby no television, I just want to talk about cell division!" A hilarious video Smriti, Steph and I found for our bio project. Watch, laugh, and learn... about mitosis.

(2007, April 04). Mitosis: Cell Division. Retrieved October 5, 2008, from YouTube Web site
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The Controversy of Plastic Bottles!
Click here to learn more about the controversy of plastic bottles!
Many plastic bottles contain a chemical called Bisphonal A, a plastic that some researchers argue can increase childrens' chances of developing different forms of cancer, as well as premature puberty. Canada issued a report regarding the issue, and labelled it of 'some concern', a 3/5 rating of its potential dangers--for children, toddlers, and infants. According to the video, Canada actually banned all its companies from selling bottles containing this form of plastic, and Nalgene removed the hard, outer coating fo its bottles containing that same plastic! Pretty interesting!

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Christian the Lion
Lions - man's best friend?
A clip from the Today show -- the story of two men who bought a lion cub, but when it outgrew their housing, they released the lion, Christian, into the wild. this video shows their reunion after Christian had joined a pride, and had a mate. It's pretty cool stuff!

YouTube. Retrieved November 6, 2008, from YouTube Web site:

Christian the Lion - Part Two!
This video elaborates a little on the reunion and beyond, and a bit of Christian's past. Christian, after only a year in Africa, was the king of the pride. It's amazing how close the two men get to the lions, and how accepted they are! The younger lions actually play with them, and don't show any aggression. They're lovin' the cheesy music again, but hey! It's a pretty cute story.

(2008, July 28). Christian the lion - full ending. Retrieved December 15, 2008, from YouTube Web site:

Other Fun Stuff:

And the biology jokes continue..
A boy frog telephones the Psychic Hotline and his Personal Psychic Adviser tells him:
"You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you."
The frog is thrilled, and replies, "This is great! Will I meet her at a party?"
"No," says his adviser, "in her biology class."

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