This is an amazing movie that i think everyone should watch its called Sharkwater and it about how sharks are really not vicious killing machines and are now almost extinct, if these animals are wiped out completely then global warming will be more serious then it already is.
This is after the Tree Man has had his first surgery. He looks alot better but still needs alot of work.
This is a sad story about a baby thats half human half pig.



A frog goes into a bank and hops up to the loan officer. The frog says "Hi, what's your name?"
The loan officer says "My name is John Paddywack. Can I help you?"
The frog says "Yeah, I'd like to borrow some money."
The loan officer finds this a little odd, but gets out a form. He says, "Okay, what's your name?"
The frog says "Kermit Jagger."
The loan officer says "Really? Any relation to Mick Jagger?"
The frog says "Yeah, he's my dad."
The loan officer says, "Okay. you have any collateral?"
The frog hands the loan officer a pink ceramic elephant and says "Will this do?"
The loan officer says "Hmmm...I'm not sure. Let me go check with the bank manager."
The frog says "Oh, tell him I said hi. He knows me."
The loan officer goes back to the manager and says "Excuse me, but there's a frog out there named Kermit Jagger who wants to borrow some money. All he has for collateral is this pink elephant thing and I'm not even sure what it is."
The manager says: "It's a knick-knack, Paddywack, give the frog a loan, his old man's a Rolling Stone."