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I thought I would make my last post similar to the one that started them off. This is another post about genetic mutations from one of my favourite discovery health channel shows.. Medical Incredible. It's about a girl who was born "without a face". Juliana Wetmore was born with Treacher-Collins Syndrome, it effects 1 in 10 000 births, but no case has been more severe then Juliana's. She was born without a jaw, cheekbones, no eye sockets and a part of her ear is also missing.
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Treacher-Collin's Syndrome

I woke up this morning to some awesome snow, so what better then to post something about snow. Anywho I found a pretty cool site and learned some cool stuff. Of course everyone knows the phrase that "No two snowflakes are alike..." BUT people have actually found identical snowflakes, I checked out a couple different sites and they all led to the conclusion that snowflakes can be alike... of course with billions, and billions, and billions of snowflakes out there it was bound to happen!

Snow Facts!Snow Facts. Retrieved December 7, 2008, from Science Of Snow Web site:

After I saw Nicole's Post about the human calculator, I thought I would look up some other superhuman stuff and I came across a video about superhuman strenth where a 300 pound man moves an object 85 times his weight!
National Geographic Channel, Superhuman Strength. Retrieved December 1, 2008, from YouTube Web site:

Since we are learning about Cnidarians, and we had a Hydra lab today I thought I would look up jellyfish and all of their coolness and came across some cool jellyfish facts I thought I would share..
~ Jellyfish have been around for more than 650 million years which means that they outdate the dinosaurs and the sharks.
~ Different species of jellyfish can be found in all the worlds’ ocean. Jellyfish can even be found in freshwater.
~ A species of jellyfish, the Box Jellyfish (sea wasp) kills more people than any other marine creature. (Which we partly learned about in class but I didn't know that they killed more people then ANY other marine creature)
~ The worlds largest known jellyfish can reach a diameter of 2.5 m/ 8ft and their tentacles can grow to be half the length of a football field.
~ Jellyfishes use jet propulsion to make their way through to oceans of the world. Some jellyfish are avid swimmers while other mostly drifts with the currents.
~ Some species of jellyfish contains a lot of protein and is thought to be able to play a large role in ending hunger and malnutrition in poor areas around the world. (interesting..)
Jellyfish facts. Retrieved November 26, 2008, from acquaticcommunity Web site:

The other day I read a really cool artical in TIME magazine; it was about the 50 best inventions of the year. The #1 invention of the year was called 23andMe. 23andMe is a "journey of genetic discovery", It is a take home DNA test that costs $399. You can order it off the internet and basically you just spit into a plastic tube and it tells you all about, well, yourself. It can tell you about 90 different traits and conditions, anything ranging from what your chances are of becoming bald to what the chance is of getting a certain type of cancer. A part of the test that I thought was particular cool was the part that tells you about your ancestry. For example it can tell you about your maternal lineage, for this it takes the genetic code from your mitochondria, which is passed directly from your mother, and reads around the 16 000 letters within in to tell you more about it. The only question you need to ask yourself is would you want to know all of those things about yourself?
Hamilton, A (2008, November 10). Invention of the Year. TIME, 52-54.

Update on Manar Maged, the Eyptian baby girl that was born with
two heads. A couple people in the class wanted me to do a follow up so I was looking on the internet and I found out that the surgery to separate the parasitic twin was successful. Manar ended up surviving about 13 months and five more surgeries before she was hospitalized with a fever, an infection in her brain and some heart complications. Her body rejected the medicine and she passed away a couple of days before her second birthday.
(2006, March 27). Egytian baby girl born with twin heads dies. Retrieved November 25, 2008, from Web site:

I know we are done our cell unit, but my sister showed me a video clip she had to watch for university that was made by Harvard. It shows the "inner life of a cell" and
it is supposed to look as it would in real life. It is pretty cool stuff.

Inner Life of a Cell
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An egg being sucked into a bottle, it appears to be hard boiled, and peeled. Mind boggling.
(2006, March 14). Science Experiment. Retrieved November 6, 2008, from YouTube Web site:

I found an interesting video on YouTube about hair and how strong it is, I thought it would be cool to show you guys since we did a lab involving hair and just cause it's hair and everyone has it. I was really surprised about how strong hair really is and you guys will probably be too.
Brain, M How strong is a strand of your hair?. Retrieved October 20, 2008, from Science on the Brain Web site:

This is the story of an Egyptian girl who was born with two heads. This happened when the group of developing embryos didn't split within the ten days it usually does and instead split partially on the 13th day. This resulted in conjoined twins with one being severely under-developed.
Discovery Health :: Beyond. Retrieved September 18, 2008, from Discovery Health Web site: