Merry Christmas everybody! I'm sure you are all missing doing Biology work so very much, so to ease the pain I found some online dissections. I did the frog one. It was really awesome.

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Here are my pictures from the Shark Dissection :)

Ian and myself being super intense.
A shark brain :)
A lovely dissected shark.
Bye buddy!

I was attempting to study worm stuff, but nothing was sticking in my head. As usual I blamed my "goldfish-like" memory. Then I decided to do some research to find out if it as true that goldfish only have a memory span of 3 seconds. I found out that they actually have good memories and are very intelligent. They can be trained to retrieve food at a certain time of day, and follow a routine. I also learned that they feel pain when caught on a hook, and that they can be very manipulative.. I guess my comparison of me and a goldfish wasn't that far off after all :) Check out this site for more info on the little fishies!

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One of those videos we watched mentioned something about a snake laying an egg, and Kathleen and I started thinking about exactly how that happened, so I looked it up and found this video. It is the coolest thing ever. The egg is huge. It's actually one of six eggs. I have no idea how they all fit in there along with all the organs...

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So I'm feeling pretty gross right now and am definitely not in the wiki-ing mood. I hate colds. But I figured a bunch of you are probably dealing with colds since the weather just freakishly changed on us, so here is a nice little videowith tips on how to help sore throats. It's basically stuff you should already know, but this guy is so entertaining I could not resist. Try to count how many times he blinks. I bet you can't because he never does.

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I was watching Much Music last night and this commercialcame on. I laughed for like 20 minutes. I figured I should share it with you guys. Hopefully you find it as hilarious as I did.

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I just found this websitewith a few links to biology games and quizzes. One game is slightly addicting.. I have been playing for the last 15 minutes. I'm not very good yet, but I will get there.

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There was this biologist who was doing some experiments with frogs. He was measuring just how far frogs could jump. So he puts a frog on a line and says "Jump frog, jump!". The frog jumps 2 feet. He writes in his lab book: 'Frog with 4 legs - jumps 2 feet'.

Next he chops off one of the legs and repeats the experiment. "Jump frog jump!" he says. The frog manages to jump 1.5 feet. So he writes in his lab book: 'Frog with 3 legs - jumps 1.5 feet'.

He chops off another and the frog only jumps 1 foot. He writes in his book: 'Frog with 2 legs jumps 1 foot'.

He continues and removes yet another leg. " Jump frog jump!" and the frog somehow jumps a half of a foot. So he writes in his lab book again: 'Frog with one leg - jumps 0.5 feet'.

Finally he chops off the last leg. He puts the frog on the line and teels it to jump. "Jump frog, jump!". The frog doesn't move. "Jump frog, jump!!!". Again the frog stays on the line. "Come on frog, jump!". But to no avail.

The biologist finally writes in his book: 'Frog with no legs - goes deaf'

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