The real reason dinosaurs went extinct

Glow worm video. I thought this video was really interesting. It shows cave glow worms. Check it out!
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This video is about fire ants and what they do when there is a flood. I thought it was pretty crazy.
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The lyre bird. It can imitate almost anything.
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safe or not ???????
Since my mom is a nurse, she suggested that I research how many deaths are caused every year by hospital mistakes and how many people die every
year from contracted viruses and diseases from the hospital. This is what I found out.

  • Each year more than 200,000 people die in hospitals from preventable accidents, oversights, blunders or abuse. 7000 people die each year as a
result of the doctors sloppy writing. A lot more suffer major injuries such as permanent brain damage, amputation and paralysis. This is caused by
neglect, no professional assessments provided, policies, and protocols not followed, procedures performed wrong, no intervention with protective and
preventive measures, careless blunders, medication errors, broken equipment, missing supplies and occasional criminal assaults.

  • The center for disease control and prevention (CDC) reported in 1992 that 92,000 die each year from hospital-acquired infections.
Sharon, Thomas A. (November 9th, 2008 ). Preventable Medical Errors and Hospital Mistakes Kill More People than Automobiles, Breast Cancer or AIDS; Where is the Outrage?. Retrieved 11, 25, 2008, from Nursing & Patient Safety Expert, Life Care Plan,
Medical Evidence Analysis, Medical Record Review, Legal Nurse Consultant, Litigation Support Web site: http;//

Heres a video from the site. ( I think it might be a bit biased but it has some pretty cool facts)
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FFO-Foreign flying objects
Your biggest fear if in a MRI at the hospital is an FFO. An MRI (Magentic Resonace Imaging) uses radio waves with strong magnets to create to create pictures of the body. It relies on the magnetic properties of
atoms instead of radiation. Which is GOOD!! You are placed in inside and you have to lie very still (if you are really young they will sedate you) It's sort of being slid into your own circular submarine.First they make sure you have NO METAl on you or in you-earings, watches, belts buckles, or even metal from past operations, plates of metal, or stiches, An FFO is a foreign flying object- which is basically , because the magnets are so strong, if you go near them with any metal, the attraction of magnets will yank it into the MRI, against the magnets. If you had eraings in the MRI would rip them out. And if anything does get stuck in the MRI they literally pry it out with ropes or chains-it cost 25 000-50 000 to restart the magnet. So my mom was telling me of some of the FFOs that have gotten stuck in the past. A fireman's helmet while in vestinigating a fire alarm. A bobby pin went flying out of somebody's hair and pirced a patient in the nose. A child was killed when a metal airtank brought in shattered his skull.

chair stuck in MRI----------------------------------------------------- Floor polisher bloggraphics/chair_3.jpg ------------------

MRI eats ICU bed blog/wp-content/uploads/...

All Information retrived on November 25/08 and Nov 26/08 from:**mri**_intl.php
listed sites above, and my mother.

In our western culuture, this doesn't make alot of sense. When you are in pain, someone pokes a whole bunch of needles into your body and they makes you feel better. Actually acupuncture is not exactly like that, but this ancient Chinese practice that is atleast 2,500 years is slowly "migrating" to the western hemisphere. Acupuncture is basically a method of chinese healing, that consists of placing a series of needles, at varyinig depths, around 1 - 12 meridian points. Here is the theory behind it, the ancient Chinese viewed the body as a small part of the universe, subject to universal laws and the principles of harmony and balance, without any distinct line between the mind and the body. Basically they believed emontional and mental states are just as influential on disease as work, envoirment, life style and relationships. Instead of viewing health in physical processes and chemical reactions the Chinese use ideas such as yin and yang, chi, the organ system, and the five elements to describe the health of the body. Yin and Yang, two separate principals, yet opposite to one another, are used to decribe the universe, and the body. In light yin is dark and yang is bright, in activity yin is passive, yang is active. Nothing is ever just yin or just yang but a mixture of the two. Chinese medicine is trying to fing a way to balanceeach one with out eliminating the other. Another principle is chi (prononced chee) . Chi is the life of the universe and is found in everything, air water food. It's the invisible life force that animates everything. Everyone has chi in them, and it flows in the body through channels called meridians. In this chinese organ nsystem, there are 12 basic organs the lung, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, urinary bladder, kidney, liver, gallbladder, pericardium, and the "triple warmer," which represents the entire torso region. Since there are twelve organs there is also 12 types of chi which move through the body and 12 main meridian channels. If one gets blocked and there is an inbalance of chi and a unhealthy chi flow, then the body suffers as a result. The five main elemnets, are another basis for chinese theory, the universe and body are made up of five elements that are all interconnected with each other- wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. All the main organs are associated with one of these elements. They believe that the organs relate to each other just like the elemnets do. Kidney and heart, water and fire, if the kidney is weak there might be a corresponding fire problem in the heart and therefore the heart would be treated by acupuncture, or cooling herbs to release supress the fire and restore natural balance to the water/kidney. Acupuncture is used to open or increase the flow of chi throughout the body system, and help with internal balance and harmony. Western hemisphere researchers and doctors cannot find a solid explanation for why acupuncture works.
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